The Salvation Army organise the soup run for homeless people in Norwich every night of the year. Many of the local churches send a team and St Peter’s Cringleford send a team on the first Tuesday every month.  A number of people volunteer so we have created several teams and volunteers only have to be available every few months. You don’t have to be a churchgoer to take part in this scheme. If you would like to join one of the teams you would be very welcome, we would put you with an experienced team who would show you the ropes.

The evening starts at about 8pm when food and goods are collected from the church office and taken to the Salvation Army Citadel where flasks of hot water and soup and sandwhiches are collected. The final stop is the stall on the Haymarket where tea, coffee and soup  as well the sandwhiches and home made cakes we have with us are offered to  homeless people who gather there.

At this time of year we also distribute gloves, hats ,scarf and any warm clothes that have been donated to us. They are much appreciated.

We never have food left over so if you would like to make cakes for the team which goes out on the first Tuesday of the month they would be most welcome

Cakes and clothing can be left with Juliet at the parish office in the church hall or at the back of church which is open all day long.