If you would like 14 chances to win a prize in a draw, whilst helping to raise money to enable the church hall to continue improving and helping to renovate a valuable community space…then read on. The first draw took place on the 17th May 2014 in the church hall after Men’s Breakfast, subsequent draws will take place on the third Saturday each calendar month. The prize amount for each draw is dependant on how many people sign up to the club.For illustration purposes only, this is what it could be….If we got 250 people joining this would yield a total annual income of £13,000.00. The annual prize fund would be approximately £6000.00 which would be distributed as follows:

12 monthly prizes of £250.00

One “Star” draw of £1000.00

Annual Christmas Star prize of £2000.00

If we don’t get 250 members the prizes will be scaled down accordingly, still giving the same percentage of prize money. You do need to be over 16 years of age to join and please no syndicates. Subscriptions will be £1.00 a week and must be paid by either a quarterly Standing Order (S/O) of £13.00 or an  annual S/O of £52.00.

To join please fill in a S/O form available below or pop into the Parish office where Juliet will be happy to give you a form.